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When to Travel to Norway: the various seasons

Norway, a country known for its stunning fjords, the midnight sun, and the northern lights, is a destination that offers unique experiences throughout the year. However, the best time to visit depends on what you want to see and do. This article will guide you through the different seasons and what they have to offer, helping you decide when to plan your trip to this beautiful Nordic country.

Spring in Norway (April to June)

Spring is a delightful time to visit Norway. As the snow melts away, the landscape comes alive with vibrant colors. The days get longer, and the temperatures become more comfortable, ranging from 6°C to 15°C. This is the perfect time for outdoor activities like hiking and cycling.

Spring Activities

The famous Trolltunga and Pulpit Rock hikes are open from late spring, offering breathtaking views. However, keep in mind that the weather can be unpredictable, so pack accordingly.

Summer in Norway (June to August)

Summer is the peak tourist season in Norway. The weather is warm, with temperatures ranging from 13°C to 25°C, and the days are long. In fact, due to the phenomenon known as the midnight sun, areas north of the Arctic Circle experience 24 hours of daylight! This is the best time for sightseeing, hiking, and exploring the fjords.

Summer Festivals

You can also attend various summer festivals, such as the Bergen International Festival and the Midnight Sun Marathon.

Autumn in Norway (September to November)

Autumn is a less crowded time to visit Norway, and it offers a unique spectacle: the fall foliage. The transformation of the landscape into a riot of colors is a sight to behold. The temperatures range from 3°C to 12°C, and the days start to get shorter.

Northern Lights in Autumn

This is also a great time to enjoy the Northern Lights, especially in the northern parts of the country.

Winter in Norway (December to March)

Winter in Norway is cold, with temperatures often dropping below freezing, but it’s also magical. The country turns into a winter wonderland, and it’s the best time to experience winter sports like skiing and dog sledding.

Northern Lights in Winter

Moreover, it’s the prime time to witness the spectacular Northern Lights, especially in Tromsø, which is known as the Northern Lights capital of the world.


For more detailed information about what to see and do in Norway, check out the official travel guide for Norway, Visit Norway. It offers a wealth of information on accommodations, dining options, activities, and attractions, as well as the latest updates on what’s happening in the country. Whether you’re planning a summer hike in the fjords or a winter adventure to see the Northern Lights, Visit Norway is an excellent resource to help you plan your perfect Norwegian adventure.

If you’re looking for more adventure during your trip to Norway, be sure to check out our comprehensive Adventure Travel Guide for tips and insights on how to maximize your thrills.

Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling to Norway

How do I get to Norway?

Norway is a global destination with international flights to and from major cities like Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Tromsø, Trondheim, Ålesund, Haugesund, and Sandefjord. The main airline serving Norway and the rest of Scandinavia is SAS. For budget travelers, Norwegian Airlines is a good option, but they charge extra for checked baggage, food during the flight, and other amenities.

How do I get around Norway?

Traveling around Norway can be done by car, boat, plane, or train. Each mode of transportation offers a unique perspective of the country’s stunning landscapes. However, due to the country’s topography, travel can be time-consuming and lengthy. It’s recommended to plan your travel method based on your interests and preferences.

How large is Norway?

Norway is a large country, slightly smaller than California, but its coast is twice as long. The country’s population is only about five million people.

Do I need a visa for Norway?

Travelers from EU countries, the United States, Canada, or Australia do not need a visa to visit Norway. They can travel in the country for up to 90 days with just a passport.

How many days should I spend in Norway?

The number of days to spend in Norway depends on your budget, preferences, and schedule. A long weekend in Oslo and Bergen can be done in a few days. If you want to road trip the length of the country, you’ll need a few weeks.

What currency is used?

The currency used in Norway is the krone, or NOK.

Is Norway a safe place to travel?

Norway is one of the safest countries in the world. However, it’s always good travel advice to keep your personal items close to you wherever you go, and be wary of pickpockets in crowded, touristy areas and big cities.

When is the best time of year to visit Norway?

The best time to visit Norway depends on your preferences. Summer has the best weather and the most sunlight, but it’s also the high season for tourists. Winter, while it can be harsh in areas, has its own kind of beauty, especially considering the lack of crowds spoiling the view.

What is the food like in Norway?

Norway has some of the best seafood in the world. Traditional Norwegian restaurants also serve meat and potato-based dishes. However, the country’s culinary scene is incredibly modern and diverse. “New Nordic” cuisine, which emphasizes organic, local dishes, is gaining popularity.